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Get ready to find new things to do in Myrtle Beach

If you have not visited Myrtle Beach before get ready for a fun time with lots of choices on how to enhance your vacation experience.

If you’ve been to Myrtle Beach before, you are well aware of the many places to go and things to do.  With over 2000 Resorts, Hotels and Condos, Restaurants, Venues and Shopping locations you can never run out of ideas of what to do and where to go.

I didn’t even mention miles of beach where you can lay out in the sun tanning, swim, surf, run or just take a walk.  That alone may be all you want to do is relax and de-stress from the everyday happenings in life.  It’s all here in Myrtle Beach!

Our Goal and Mission – It’s All about You

Tens of thousands of readers followed the original version of Myrtle Beach Places To Go.  It offered a large calendar of events, hundreds of reviews and information about places to go and things to do.  The new version will be similar as it grows in information and will now include blog posts several times a week to highlight the many businesses the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.

Fun stories and reviews from vacationers will add a good storyline with ideas of something you might not have know about or remembered and gets added to your planning.

There will be some guest bloggers from time to time and we plan to engage with folks who want to send in there stories and add them to our blog.

The bottom line is It’s All About You!  

Our goal is to help everyone have a great time in Myrtle Beach.

Our mission is to give you the info to make choices that work for you and your family. 

Do something new everyday or not!

Isn’t it great to have choices and  make your own.  We suggest to take a look at what you’ve done in the past to get away whether its a daycation or full week’s vacation or any number of days in between.  What really get’s you excited or gives you pleasure.  Maybe it’s simply being oceanside or poolside relaxing.  Maybe it’s finding restaurants you haven’t been to yet.  Perhaps it’s taking in a show at Pirates Voyage, The Carolina Opry, Legends in Concert, Medeivel Times or Alabama Theatre.

It could be going to Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, Murrells Inlet, Market Commons, the Boardwalk or one of the many piers in the area and doing some fishing, listen to music or just people watching.

Maybe it’s shopping that gets you excited.  Well, there is certainly no shortage there with Tanger Outlets, the Coastal Mall and over 1000 stores along the Grand Strand to shop at.

Perhaps getting in some poolside time or a visit to the hot tub is your thing.  The list goes on….

An Exercise in Stress Relief


There are so many attributes to a vacation and taking a beach vacation is no doubt on of the most popular.  Here are some reasons to go the beach and things to do at the beach.

Try this, imagine as you read the below thoughts, what is possible for you.  Can you see yourself doing any of these and does it make you happy?


  • Take in the majestic view of the ocean, it’s waves, the blue sky, the endless view and people having fun.
  • The feeling of the sun’s rays on you while tanning maybe while reading  or simply doing nothing.
  • For one moment, this moment when the stress of the world takes a back seat to your very being.
  • The joy of playing corn hole or tossing a Frisbee with friends and family.
  • Enjoying a beverage of your choice and forgetting about what you left behind.
  • Staying healthy with a beach jog and listening to your favorite music to pump you up.
  • Taking a walk on the beach with that special someone, holding hands and smiling at each other.
  • Digging your toes into the sand maybe bringing back special memories from your past.
  • Absorbing the sounds of the ocean waves and the calmness it transcends.
  • Playing some boccie ball or body surfing keeping it fun.

You can add your own thoughts to the ideas above.  What makes you happy, smile, enjoy yourself and helps you reduce stress in your life.  It can all be found at the beach.  Find something new to do every day and create more memories that last a lifetime.  I dare you…..

When we say Wish you were here… We Mean It!

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